Bespoke brand identity design for bold entrepreneurs
Bespoke brand identity design for bold entrepreneurs
Maison Cassar, Marseilles
Maison Cassar is a fledgling laboratory for prestigious ceramic creations.

In a highly coveted market, Maison Cassar needs a strong brand to attract its ideal customers and seduce the influencers and the press.

Its visual identity was designed
~ to express its values (Elegance, Wonderment, Timelessness),
~ to visually enhance the ceramic creations,
~ to constitute a set of communication tools easy to use.

Business card, web site, catalog, seal, clay marking stamp and social networks kit.

A Brand Book was also created to guide future collaborators and ensure that the mark is applied consistently to all points of contact.

Coming up soon on Maison Cassar
Photo by Virginie Perocheau
"I  was impressed by the clear, precise and guided way in which Sophie Gauthier responded to my requirements. I learned a lot from this collaboration. I am extremely happy to have trusted her." Sophie Cassar